Top-Down Airflow Auto Oven produced by WEISUN (referred to as the Intelligent Dust-Free Oxygen-Free Industrial Oven), combines Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial manufacturing modules. It transforms traditional production methods into smart manufacturing, utilizing intelligent production technology to enhance enterprise productivity and ensure quality stability.
The Intelligent Dust-Free Oxygen-Free Industrial Oven encompasses the following features:

1. Energy savings and carbon reduction in green production processes:
The product features a patented multi-layer air door structure, achieving over 99% airtightness. Simultaneously, it enhances the thermal insulation design of the machine, resulting in a 20% to 25% improvement in energy efficiency. Equipped with a new water-cooling system, the average cooling efficiency can reach 4.5°C/minute, increasing UPH (units per hour) output. The materials used in the entire machine are recyclable, achieving a recycling rate of 60%. By incorporating a waste heat recovery module and solvent recovery, 25% of organic solvent can be reclaimed, effectively reducing the adhesion of organic substances to the chamber, minimizing subsequent maintenance time, ensuring product yield, and further achieving electricity savings. This approach contributes to a reduction in environmental pollution, achieving environmental benefits, and minimizing workplace accidents.

2. In the application field of the drying process in PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturing, there is a increasing emphasis on environmental safety in machine design. Therefore, the oven is equipped with features such as video surveillance and remote configuration systems. It includes smoke detectors, a touch screen, and an intuitive user interface to enhance machine operational efficiency while reducing incidents in workplace.

3. Integration of IoT with the needs of unmanned factories to achieve the goal of factory automation:

The product is compatible with AGV/RGV/MGV or robotic arms. In addition to the existing communication protocol, it incorporates IPC, touchscreen displays, and independent applications, enabling a complete integration of the human-machine interface. Relevant machine data that it follows PCB ECI regulation can be uploaded to servers, and it can be combined with intelligent cameras to provide clients with connectivity to a smart factory.

4. Temperature Precision Control Technology: It allows real-time adjustments, ensuring temperature uniformity without the need for cooling.

5. By leveraging the automatic adjustment feature of the intelligent throttling module, nitrogen quantity can be controlled, resulting in significant savings of nitrogen while maintaining the predetermined oxygen content within the furnace, achieving oxygen-free drying.

6. The doors feature an automatic door design, with the capability for independent control of the two chambers.

This product has not only been honored with the 2024 Taiwan Excellence Award by the Ministry of Economic Affairs but is also the optimal choice for internationally renowned technology giants.

WEISUN Received the 32nd Taiwan Excellence Award

WEISUN won the Taiwan Industrial Oscar Award and attended the Taiwan Excellence Award ceremony !

WEISUN has been honored with the 32nd Taiwan Excellence Award, focusing on intelligent green energy innovation and dedicating itself to sustainable brand management.