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R&D Technology Timeline
  • 1976
    SWO Precision hot-air circulating oven
    Can be equipped with trolley type feeding
  • 1988
    QWOL Clean oxidation-free drying equipment
    One Pass cooling structure
    Cooling Sandwich Design
    Nitrogen energy-saving split device
  • 2010
    WCO conveyor oven
    With IR/UV curing process
    Efficiency and energy saving improvement
  • 2015
    QHWOL 530 degrees high temperature dust-free & oxygen-free oven
    Solvent recovery unit
    Air wall insulation design
    Dust barrier structure
  • 2017
    SE series semi-automatic oven
    EAP system data upload and collection
    Task upgrade via PLC/PC operation
    Inflatable isolation device / inner cavity structure dismantled and modularized easily
  • 2019
    AGV automated guided vehicle clean oxidation-free oven
    Integration of unmanned process system
    Equipped with AGV/EFEM smart production
    Comply with SECS/GEM, PCB ECI communication protocol
  • 2020
    loT oven, ultra-high temperature steam reactor
    loT oven, ultra-high temperature steam reactor
    Real-time remote monitoring
    Production electronic record
    With CCD lens for image transmission
  • 2023
    Waste heat recovery
    Transfer oven
    External cooler
    External thermostat
    New dust-free design
    Machine pre-alarm system