WEISUN has redefined the traditional concept of ovens by focusing on research and innovation. The automated drying equipment, combined with IoT (Internet of Things) industrial manufacturing modules, transforms conventional production methods into smart manufacturing. By utilizing smart production technology, it enhances enterprise productivity and quality stability, which is why it has received recognition from the Taiwan Excellence Award.

The award-winning Double Oven Top Down Flow Automated Dust-Free and Oxygen-Free Drying Oven (referred to as the Intelligent Clean Low-Oxygen Industrial Oven).

The features are the following:
1. Integration of IoT and unmanned factory requirements to achieve automation:
It can be paired with EFEM or robotic arms and, in addition to the existing SECS/GEM communication protocol, it includes IPC, touch screens, and standalone applications to provide a complete human-machine interface. This allows for the uploading of machine-related data to servers and can be combined with smart monitoring cameras, facilitating client connections to smart factories.

2. User-centric design for ease of operation:
Equipped with a keyboard drawer and compartments for document and paper storage.

3. Achieving energy savings and carbon reduction in green processes:
The product incorporates a patented multi-layer air door structure, achieving over 99% airtightness and enhancing machine insulation design, resulting in a 20% to 25% improvement in energy efficiency. It also features a new water cooling system, with an average cooling efficiency of 4.5°C per minute, increasing UPH (units per hour) output. The entire machine utilizes 60% recyclable materials, integrates waste heat recovery modules, and solvent recovery, allowing for the recovery of 25% of organic solvent.

4. The doors of drying ovens are designed to be automatic, and the two chambers can be controlled independently, with one chamber capable of baking 50 wafers.

Taiwan Excellence Award, established by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, undergoes a strict selection process each year, evaluating products based on four major professional criteria: research and development, design, quality, and marketing. It also takes into account the manufacturing conditions in Taiwan, selecting products with high levels of innovative value. WEISUN has been honored with the Taiwan Excellence Award, representing a leading example in Taiwan's drying equipment industry.

In recent years, the company has further focused on the automation of drying processes for well-known domestic and international technology giants. WEISUN provides customized services to meet the unique requirements of different baking and custom processes at various stages of the industry. In collaboration with customers, WEISUN professionally plans and designs solutions to accommodate customers' process space application needs, ensuring they meet the specific demands of each client.

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