WEISUN, represented by Chen Yizhen (on the right), accepts the honor of the 32nd Taiwan Excellence Award from Huang Zhifang (on the left), Chairman of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council.

A group photo of the award-winning companies at the 32nd Taiwan Excellence Awards.

WEISUN’s General Manager, Chen Wenhan led the team to develop the "Top-Down Airflow Auto Oven," which won the 32nd Taiwan Excellence Award. This award is equivalent to being selected for the national team of brands, allowing future collaboration with TAITRA in international promotions. The company aims to promote the highest quality drying equipment certified by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to every corner of the world.

WEISUN provides drying equipment for automation, semiconductor, and printed circuit board industries – industrial ovens. In its 48 years of existence, the company has continuously innovated, moving beyond traditional oven constraints. It now integrates IoT, connecting industrial manufacturing production modules to transform traditional production into smart manufacturing. The clientele includes leading companies like Unimicron, ASE, and more. Below is a summary of an interview with WEISUN's General Manager, Chen Wenhan.

Q: What plans and efforts did WEISUN make internally to compete for the 32nd Excellence Award?

A: In recent years, after receiving awards such as the Golden Peak Award, Yushan Award, and SME Innovation and R&D Award, we aimed for the Taiwan Excellence Award, often referred to as the "Oscars of the industry." Recognizing the high difficulty level of competing for this award, internally, we first rallied around the brand spirit advocated by the Excellence Award: "Only innovation can bring about change in life." We combined this with WEISUN's core values (integrity, precision, efficiency, innovation) to emphasize innovation in improving process efficiency. The R&D design capacity layout includes (1) focusing on environmental-friendly and low-carbon design and R&D innovation, (2) allocating 1/3 of the workforce to the R&D team with an annual investment of 3.5-7.5% of the operating income, (3) implementing a risk assessment system for new products and processes and introducing PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) system, (4) establishing an intellectual property management system with a goal of having over 20 patents by 2024 and introducing TIPS (Taiwan Intellectual Property Management Verification).

In terms of brand marketing, initiatives include (1) renaming the company as WEISUN, focusing on brand recognition and value for drying equipment, aspiring to become a leading global brand in industrial drying equipment. (2) Establishing domestic and international sales channels, targeting Taiwanese factories, businesses, and customers in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. (3) Implementing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to provide comprehensive brand service from the initial contact point to inquiries, orders, delivery, maintenance, and service. (4) Regularly collecting information about competitive products in the market and surveying customer satisfaction for continuous improvement.

Furthermore, the company is dedicated to ensuring quality compliance with international standards, covering research and development, manufacturing, and quality assurance. The entire process, from customer requirements to delivery and customer service, complies with ISO 9001:2015 requirements and standards. All electrical materials are CE certified, and a quality improvement team has been established for periodic improvements and inspections to ensure optimal quality.

Q: What is the current status of the company, and what is its business philosophy and equipment development capability?

A: The company's organizational structure is divided into 10 departments, including sales, R&D, marketing, quality assurance, institution, industrial control, manufacturing, materials, finance, and administration. The company has increased the proportion of doctoral and master's degree holders and focuses on intelligent and green energy technologies. The company emphasizes industrial cooperation, market analysis, technical support for information integration, and Industry 4.0/IoT automation integration. The R&D technology and mechanical and electrical design continue to break through, and the products continually innovate and improve in green energy technology and intelligent monitoring.

Q: How does the company plan to leverage the Taiwan Excellence Award for market opportunities?

A: The company plans to cooperate with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and TAITRA in the international marketing activities starting in March 2024. This includes promoting Taiwan's excellent brand and products and equipment abroad. Additionally, the company plans to participate in relevant domestic and international exhibitions, such as Intelligent Asia Thailand and SEMICON Southeast Asia, to increase international exposure and customer recognition.

Q: What are the company's aspirations for the 2024 business vision?

A: Looking forward to the third quarter of 2024, the semiconductor and PCB industries are expected to gradually recover from the bottom, with equipment vendors experiencing a surge in demand starting from the first quarter of 2025. Therefore, the company's 2024 goal is to focus on providing automated light and heat drying technology and high-quality equipment. The company will continue to develop more advanced drying equipment to meet customer needs, with a commitment to solving customer pain points. The aim is to achieve a highly efficient and high-yield intelligent dark factory, creating world-class intelligent, green, and sustainable brand value, and becoming a globally recognized leader in MIT industrial drying equipment.

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