WEISUN Industrial Co., Ltd. will participate in three major professional exhibitions in the second half of the year.

WEISUN  Industrial Co., Ltd., with years of experience in the automation, semiconductor, and PCB industries, is set to participate in three major domestic exhibitions in the second half of the year. The company aims to seize opportunities in the drying equipment sector. WEISUN's General Manager, Chen Wen-Han, mentioned that they are strengthening the company's brand image this year and introducing the corporate color "blue" to portray a distinct design style unique to WEISUN. This will create a consistent image between the company and its equipment, demonstrating their commitment to providing professional services.

Chen Wen-Han emphasized that to leave a deeper impression on outsiders, they will highlight a new image through carefully designed Corporate Identity (CIS). WEISUN will participate in three exhibitions in the latter half of the year: Taiwan International Automation Exhibition on August 24, International Semiconductor Exhibition on September 14, and Taiwan PCB and Electronics Industry Exhibition (TPCA) on October 26. WEISUN continues to collaborate with Taiwan Harbor Development Exhibition in the Semiconductor Exhibition, the Automation Exhibition and TPCA Exhibition are standalone events. At their booths, attendees can witness carefully planned autonomous handling equipment exhibitions to provide a more intuitive visual experience, attracting more on-site visitors.

At the first event, the "Taiwan International Automation Exhibition" on August 24, WEISUN will showcase the "AUTO OVEN" with AGV unmanned handling vehicle for production simulation. They will also introduce the CIS Oven as a flagship enterprise branding effort to establish corporate identity design. Additionally, they will launch an IoT APP for smart Internet of Things industrial manufacturing modules. This app allows for switching between public and private networks and lets users scan 1D/2D Barcodes to match and input production information. Users can remotely operate "start," "stop," and "alarm reset" commands using their smartphones, enhancing independent monitoring systems. This provides a more user-friendly real-time monitoring of production data and equipment status.

During the Taiwan International Automation Industry Exhibition from August 24 to 27, WEISUN will showcase the following product highlights:

Fully automated ovens with AGV and material handling technology, instant integration with upstream and downstream processes for complete on-site manufacturing automation.

The ability to operate equipment remotely, initiate and stop using a mobile app by scanning QR codes, and view real-time alarms and alarm notifications.
Deployment of various sensors and controllers, interfaced with the control system using IoT Internet of Things technology.