"The Automated Baking Expert" WEISUN participated in SEIMICON Taiwan International Semiconductor Exhibition (September 6 to 8, 1st floor of Nangang Exhibition Hall, Hall 2). The highlight exhibit is the intelligent dust-free, oxygen-free industrial oven. It features smart monitoring, energy efficiency, and carbon reduction benefits. It can also be integrated with fully automated handling robots and automatic baking settings, making it an excellent companion for technology companies involved in high-end or automated processes.


The intelligent dust-free, oxygen-free industrial oven can be applied in semiconductor processes.

This oven provides solutions for various semiconductor processes, including soft baking of photoresist, hard baking for lithography, post-cleaning drying, and annealing. When coupled with EFEM or robotic arms, it not only supports the SECS/GEM communication protocol but also uploads machine-related data to the cloud through IPC, touchscreen display, and standalone applications. It comes with smart monitoring cameras to facilitate client connections to smart factories, meeting the requirements for IoT and unmanned factories, ultimately achieving the goal of factory automation. Additionally, it has an automatic door design for the furnace and can independently control two chambers. One chamber can bake up to 50 wafers, and from the user's perspective, it features a keyboard drawer and document storage compartments for added convenience.

In response to the trend of energy conservation and carbon reduction, WEISUN's intelligent oven features a patented multi-layer airlock structure that achieves over 99% airtightness. It also enhances machine insulation design, resulting in a 20% to 25% increase in energy efficiency. Moreover, it incorporates a new water cooling system, which averages a cooling efficiency of 4.5 degrees Celsius per minute. Additionally, the machine is constructed with 60% recyclable materials and includes waste heat recovery modules and solvent recovery, allowing for the recycling of 25% of organic solvent, effectively reducing organic substance buildup within the chamber and significantly reducing maintenance time, ensuring product yield, and further achieving power savings and environmental pollution reduction benefits.

WEISUN specializes in the research, design, manufacturing, and integration of automated drying equipment. In recent years, the company has worked closely with renowned technology companies domestically and internationally to provide customized services that cater to various baking and curing process requirements throughout different stages of the industry. They also work in tandem with clients to plan and design according to specific process space applications to meet customer needs.

Economic Daily News:https://reurl.cc/Ry0YRz