I don’t know if you have noticed that more and more job seekers are interested in not only just a good salary, but also a desire to pursue a work-life balance?

WEISUN Industrial CO., LTD. is the best case! WEISUN not only spends time to create a bright and spacious working environment, but also invests in the construction of a "five-star gym" with complete equipment in the factory area, so that employees can work and grow happily in a state of physical and mental health.

As soon as you step into the WEISUN Factory located in the new Taipei City, whether it is the high and spacious space, the green planting wall, the bright and soft light, it creates a comfortable and vibrant working atmosphere, starting from the employees It is not difficult to feel the good cooperative relationship and tacit understanding between them. Max Chen, the president of WEISUN, said happily: "This is all the influence and credit of the labor movement."

The President and his colleagues participate in fitness courses, high-intensity training, and release stress.

Actively create a sports atmosphere and exert group influence

It was time to get off work, and the employees started to walk away and leave their desks one after another, but many of them didn't rush home, instead they walked in the direction corresponding to the company's gate. Pushing open a door in the deepest part of the office, it is actually a sports space of 100 square meters, including a gymnasium with various professional sports equipment, a yoga classroom, a badminton room, a table tennis room, and a shooting machine in the corner. I thought I came to the sports center

Max, Chen, the president of WEISUN, who is a sports fan himself, explained "Before I became obsessed with triathlon, my health was greatly affected and my body began to develop horizontally due to busy work and pressure. So I decided to start exercising, and soon found that my mental and physical strength improved, and my body was light. I feel much happier and more relaxed.”

The personal change experience made Preisdent Max Chen decided to actively promote the employee movement. When planning the new factory area, he reserved more than 100 square meters of space as a gym for employees.

Although most of the employees were not willing to participate in sports at the beginning, President Max Chen communicated with the supervisors, hoping that they could set an example and lead and encourage colleagues to exercise together. In addition, the company also attracts employees to sign up by organizing many sports courses such as muscle strength training, flywheel, yoga, ballet sculpture, etc., as well as weight loss competitions, mountain climbing, and company sports games.

Referring to the company sports competition just held at the end of last year, the president, Max Chen said with emotion:

"Last year, we added the team relay competition for the first time, so that all employees can participate in the competition. Although we often heard many people shouting tired during the pre-competition training, on the day of the competition, we saw that everyone went to the field for the glory of the team. Sprinting forward with all their strength, and the people on the sidelines also cheered loudly and unreservedly, the appearance of all the colleagues working together is really touching."

The President and his colleagues participate in fitness courses, high-intensity training, and release stress.

Taking into account work and sports hobbies, 100% sense of happiness and accomplishment

Zhang Tengen, who works as a manufacturing engineer in WEISUN, also said, "It is such a fusion and lively atmosphere, as well as a strong sports atmosphere. Even if it is far away from home, it attracts me to work here." Zhang Tengen, who has loved sports since childhood, experienced Proud, once selected as a national representative team, went to Spain to participate in the International Amateur Youth Rugby Championship. The "five-star gym" and sports are also regarded as part of the company's DNA, so Zhang Tengen is very active in seeking the opportunity to enter WEISUN.

Zhang Tengen, who became a part of the company as he wished, quickly integrated into this big family with his sports interests and the same hobbies and topics. Even though he had a lot of experience in rugby games in the past, he was humble about the athletes in the company. The representation of:

「"Coming here, in addition to studying intensively at work, I can also learn from many sports enthusiasts. Among my colleagues, there are many badminton and basketball players. I have been exposed to more types of sports, and I have gained a lot every day. It was a fulfilling and fun time.”」

As the company's corporate sports instructor, Zhang Tengen often shares sports protection knowledge with his colleagues, "Exercise is for fitness, not injury." He said that there will inevitably be some intense body movements during exercise, or opportunities to consume a lot of physical energy Therefore, you must know how to do a good job of preventive work in advance, observe and train your body coordination and physical state more deeply, and avoid sports injuries as much as possible. When a colleague came to ask Zhang Tengen for relevant knowledge, he was very willing to share it selflessly, which gave him a sense of accomplishment.

The company plans the stadium and regularly holds sports competitions every year; the sports instructor Zhang Tengen (first from the right) guides his colleagues' golf skills and builds their self-confidence and teamwork.
Colleagues and family members participate in sports games together, and the parent-child relationship becomes closer.

Taking good care of the physical and mental health of employees is the best investment for a company.

The president, Max Chen believes that employees who love sports not only help maintain physical and mental health, but also cultivate strong willpower and positive thinking, improve work efficiency, and cultivate revolutionary emotions among colleagues, increase centripetal force and cohesion to the company, and become A truly happy enterprise!

The journey to the top depends on physical fitness and willpower. Colleagues encourage each other, cultivate the spirit of mutual assistance, and at the same time strengthen the sense of self-accomplishment.