WEISUN Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional brand manufacturer of automated drying equipment for mid-to-high-level processes. We will be showcasing our drying equipment solutions for the first time at the "Kumamoto Industrial Revitalization Expo," which will take place at the Kumamoto Exhibition Hall from February 28th (Wednesday) to 29th (Thursday), 2024.

With a focus on customer needs and extensive experience in diverse industries such as semiconductors, circuit boards, and panels, we have successfully accumulated independent research and development capabilities. This allows us to precisely meet the customized drying requirements of different processes. We are excited to showcase WEISUN's drying equipment technology at the Kumamoto Industrial Revitalization Expo, and we look forward to deep collaboration with semiconductor oven equipment agents. We anticipate building closer business partnerships from various countries.

We sincerely invite you to visit our booth to learn about our latest drying equipment and how we, with a focus on "customization," provide professional solutions that meet various process requirements for our clients. For those interested in becoming partners as semiconductor oven equipment agents, we eagerly anticipate engaging in in-depth discussions to co-create the future.


Exhibition Information:
Location: Kumamoto Exhibition Hall (グランメッセ熊本)
Booth No. : 4023 (Semiconductor-related section)
Time: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, February 28th (Wednesday) to 29th (Thursday), 2024.

[Official Website of the Kumamoto Industrial Revitalization Expo]