The TPCA Show has reached its 18th edition since its inception in 2000 and has been held at the Nangang Exhibition Center for the past decade. In recent years, with the flourishing development of the circuit board industry and the global leadership of Taiwanese companies in research and manufacturing technologies, the TPCA Show has seen a gradual increase in exhibition size and appeal each year.

This year's exhibition will once again primarily take place in the lower exhibition hall of the Nangang Exhibition Center, with a booth density exceeding 1,400 booths. Over 400 domestic and international brands will be showcased, representing more than 12 countries. The equipment exhibition area will cover over 75% of the total exhibition space.

Given the demands for application chips in iPhones 7 and 8, the focus on the application of the Modified Semi Additive Process (MSAP) has garnered attention. Taiwan, with its globally leading technology, is expected to make this technology and related materials, equipment, consumables, and chemicals the focal point of the exhibition this year. As the integration platform for the entire electronic application, circuit boards play a crucial role in connecting and carrying functions, making them an integral part of ongoing trends. Most traditional production technologies will face the challenge of high-integration design demands.

October 25th to 27th is approaching, and we welcome the global PCB industry to visit the Nangang Exhibition Center in Taipei during this period.