Received the New Taipei City Industrial Association's 'Innovation Research and Development Award' and 'Corporate Sustainable Development Award.

The "Innovation Research and Development Awards" hosted by the New Taipei City Industrial Association for the year 2018 recognized companies dedicated to developing new product technologies and emphasizing sustainable business practices with a long entrepreneurial history. Among the recipients of the Innovation Research and Development Award this year are seven companies, including WEISUN Industrial Co., Ltd., KINIK Company, Horngyu Electric Co. Ltd, OSHIMA, Welcome Co., Ltd., CHEAUYAN, and BOSSMT CORPORATION. These companies have excelled in their respective fields, achieving industry upgrading, transformation, and enhanced corporate value through innovative research and development.

Another award, the "Corporate Sustainable Development Award," was presented to six companies, including WEISUN Industrial Co., Ltd., UST Auto Lighting Technology Co., Ltd, CHI FONG NAMEPLATE ENTERPRISE CORP., TAI LEE METAL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., SOUTH EAST ENGRAVE BOARD CO., LTD., and CHEAU YAN DESIGN CO., LTD.. Most of the awardees were established in the 1960s and 1970s, demonstrating their commitment to long-term operation and gaining market recognition.