To assist the traditional automation industry in advancing towards smart factories and intelligent manufacturing, we are partnering with Kawasaki, the Japanese manufacturer of the most powerful robotic arms. (Kawasaki Robotics)

In recent years, in response to the shortage of labor, various industries have gradually adopted human-machine collaboration (human + robotic arms) to assist in production. WEISUN Industrial Co., Ltd., a company highly recognized by advanced industries such as semiconductors, circuit boards, and electronics for its development of "drying equipment," is partnering with Kawasaki Robotics, known for manufacturing the strongest robotic arms in Japan. To support the traditional automation industry in advancing towards smart factories and intelligent manufacturing, they will showcase a new application of "oven + robotic arm" at the Taipei International Automation Exhibition from December 15 to 18. This strategic alliance exhibition between Wei Sheng and Kawasaki Heavy Industries is a rare opportunity, and traditional automation industry professionals are encouraged to visit the joint booth to explore the innovative display.

Reliability and durability are always the keys of manufacturing most valued by equipment manufacturers. Chen Wenhao, the General Manager of Wei Sheng Drying Industrial, stated that traditional manufacturing equipment can be used for many years but often requires a significant amount of manual labor. Nowadays, industries are facing a severe shortage of manpower, and more advanced manufacturing methods are moving towards the development of automation combined with online production. In response to this trend, WEISUN has leveraged semiconductor research and development talents to create an automated baking equipment system. They have developed a new generation of drying equipment that is suitable for traditional automated factories, capable of connecting to IoT and the cloud. The functionality and quality are aligned with the capabilities of new processes.

Chen emphasized that, apart from high technology, automation is needed in other industries such as batteries, optoelectronics, components, and traditional mechanical industries—all of which require drying equipment. Moreover, the level of customization required in the automation industry is higher. To address this, Chen Wenhao led Wei Sheng to shift its mindset from merely producing products to enhancing customization capabilities.

Given that many users are still using traditional ovens, WEISUN has invited Kawasaki from Japan to showcase a solution at this year's automation exhibition. They will demonstrate how combining robotic arms with WEISUN's ovens can solve challenges such as transitioning to automated ovens and coping with insufficient factory space. This exhibition aims to help customers understand how to make the transition and address issues related to factory space constraints. 

In this year's Automation Exhibition, WEISUN has spared no expense, setting up booths in both Hall 1 and Hall 2 of the Nangang Exhibition Center. In Hall 1 (Booth M304), WEISUN will jointly exhibit with Japan's Kawasaki. In Hall 2 (Booth Q724), WEISUN will have its independent exhibition. We encourage everyone from all sectors to visit the exhibition venue in person.