On the 14th, the Sports Administration publicly commended companies that hired sports instructors. Deputy Director Fang Ruiwen (left) presented a token of appreciation, and General Manager of WEISUN Industrial Co., Ltd, Chen Wenhan, went on stage to receive the award.
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General Manager, Chen Wenhan, took the stage to share how he constructed a physically active and healthy workplace environment.

On the 14th, the Ministry of Education's Sports Administration held a project results exchange meeting. Deputy Director of the Sports Administration, Fang Ruiwen, presented a token of appreciation to companies that hired sports instructors, commending their proactive promotion of employee sports. WEISUN Industrial Co., Ltd., which received recognition, had its General Manager, Chen Wenhan, took the stage to share how they built a sports-oriented and healthy workplace environment.

At the event, the achievements of the "Promotion of Companies Hiring Sports Instructors" project over the years were showcased, along with the outcomes of companies implementing employee sports programs. Company representatives were invited to share the impact and positive changes brought about by organizing employee sports activities, encouraging more companies and sports instructors to join the cause.

Chen Wenhan, General Manager of WEISUN Industrial Co., Ltd, mentioned the company's initiatives in promoting employee sports. This included active participation by top executives, including himself, in sports programs. Additionally, the company established a "five-star fitness center" on the premises, aiming to create a joyful working environment for employees in good physical and mental health. They collaborated with sports instructors to provide professional knowledge on sports injury prevention, enhancing employees' understanding of proper exercise and reinforcing their health capital.

Chen Xinyou, Deputy Manager of the Digital Application Department at Star Aesthetic Medicine, highlighted the unexpected success of connecting employees through badminton sports. Not only did it improve the physical and mental health of employees, but it also fostered team cohesion and created a centripetal force. With the collaboration of sports instructors and participation in events, a competitive spirit emerged, cultivating a spontaneous and positive influence on work.

Since 2018, the Sports Administration has been conducting the "Promotion of Companies Hiring Sports Instructors" project. To date, they have assisted 577 sports instructors in obtaining positions in companies, supported over 2,000 employee sports activities, with more than 520,000 participants. In the current year, 64 companies were assisted in hiring 79 sports instructors. Beyond financial support, professional consultants were provided for guidance, and a sports talent database was established to facilitate matchmaking between companies and sports talents, offering comprehensive resources.

The Sports Administration hopes that companies can transform the teamwork spirit from sports fields into workplace cohesion, enabling employees to demonstrate endurance in their work with a good physical and mental state. They sincerely invite more companies to participate in the "Promotion of Companies Hiring Sports Instructors" project, working together to enhance the overall sports culture.

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