WEISUN Industrial Co., Ltd. focuses on the research, design, manufacturing, and integration of industrial drying equipment, creating a spacious and stress-relieving green office environment covering an area of 600 square meters for its employees. The company remains committed to environmental protection, social responsibility, and corporate governance, addressing relevant ESG issues. It actively develops initiatives in green manufacturing, responsible supply chain establishment, diverse and inclusive workplaces, talent cultivation, and support for vulnerable communities.


- Office Space-

The office design transcends traditional manufacturing plant styles, emphasizing visual aesthetics and an industrial atmosphere while extending outdoor greenery into the indoor space. Upon entering from the lobby staircase, employees and visitors are greeted by a lush plant wall, creating a healing work atmosphere.

- Meeting Rooms -

In the modern open-plan office space, there's a focus on natural lighting to create a soft and transparent environment, fostering communication and sparking creativity among team members to enhance overall team productivity.

- Leisure Area -

A comfortable bar area, reminiscent of a coffee shop, is designed for informal communication, coordination, and events, fostering camaraderie among colleagues and promoting seamless cross-departmental teamwork.

- Gym and Yoga Room -

To support the well-being of employees, a gym, exercise area, and multifunctional aerobic studio are established. This reflects the company's commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle and helping employees achieve personal fitness goals.



Additionally, executive offices feature glass partitions, allowing leaders to showcase personal collections and decorations, adding a unique touch to the space. Transparent glass helps reduce barriers between employees and executives, creating a team-oriented atmosphere with a more relaxed hierarchical structure.

Located amidst mountains, WEISUN integrates natural scenery and sunlight into the office environment, embodying an innovative, cohesive, and sustainable corporate culture. This design reflects the company's values of happiness and belonging, providing employees with a fulfilling and inclusive daily work environment.