To meet the diverse demands of PCB production lines, WEISUN is once again breaking new ground in its oven manufacturing capabilities. From October 25 to 27, at the '2023 TPCA' event held at the Nangang World Trade Center (Booth No. : L915), we will unveil our latest developments, including fully automated high-temperature, dust-free, and oxidation-free ovens, conveyor ovens, AI temperature control technology, and intelligent energy-saving modules.


WEISUN General Manager, Chen Wenhao, expressed that ESG and green supply chains have become the cornerstone of global technological development. In recent years, the company has been dedicated to leading its team towards ESG environmental sustainability and achieving net-zero carbon emissions. They are committed to practicing green corporate sustainability goals and maintaining a high level of focus on areas such as social responsibility, environmental protection, business ethics, and operational management. They encourage all team members to fulfill their responsibilities as global citizens, all while manufacturing precision equipment.

General Manager Chen Wenhao pointed out that the products introduced at this year's TPCA exhibition prioritize environmental safety. Therefore, the oven designs feature camera monitoring and remote configuration systems, aiming to improve machine operation efficiency and reduce workplace accidents. The flagship products and technologies showcased at this year's event include:

Fully Automated Dust-Free and Oxygen-Free Oven:
Compatible with EFEM, AGV, or robotic arms for automatic feeding and recipe downloads, data uploading, achieving unmanned factory automation.
Main applications in semiconductor, ABF substrate, LED, and PCB printed circuit board drying processes.
Enhanced airlock structure to reduce gas leakage, and a new water-cooling design to improve cooling efficiency for energy savings and carbon reduction.
Integrated waste heat recovery modules and solvent recovery systems to recycle organic solvents, reduce organic residue, decrease maintenance time, ensure product yield, and achieve energy savings and environmental benefits, reducing workplace accidents.
Temperature control technology for real-time adjustments without cooling for immediate temperature uniformity.
Utilizes an intelligent flow control module for nitrogen gas, significantly saving nitrogen gas and maintaining the required oxygen content inside the furnace, achieving oxidation-free baking.
Safety monitoring with smoke detectors, touchscreens, and an intuitive user interface, combined with a camera surveillance system to establish a safe smart factory.

Conveyor Oven:
Patented structural design with independently controllable sections to meet different process requirements, allowing gas interchange through gates to achieve uniform temperature and low oxygen requirements.
Once process conditions are established, product baking quality is guaranteed during the baking stage.
Independent movement and control of dwell time for heating and cooling to accommodate various process-specific baking times, providing process flexibility to meet different process requirements, achieving energy savings and carbon reduction.
WEISUN states that they will continue to deepen their expertise in drying technology and meet customer demands through continuous dialogue with the industry.

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