Once again, we have received recognition from the New Taipei City Industrial Association this year! 

WEISUN Industrial Co., Ltd. is once again recognized by the New Taipei City Industrial Association for the 2021 "Innovation and R&D Award." This achievement follows the company's dual award win of the "Innovation and R&D Award" and "Corporate Sustainable Development Award" in the 107th year.

In recent years, smart manufacturing and artificial intelligence have become the industry's mainstream. WEISUN has set its focus on "smart manufacturing" and "technological leadership," continuously developing and innovating its series of automated clean and oxygen-free ovens. These industrial ovens are designed to meet the automation needs of Industry 4.0 factories and can be integrated with robotic arms, IoT systems, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), and material handling systems to connect upstream and downstream processes. This smooth integration allows traditional industries to elevate their product competitiveness and achieve the goals of digitalization and smart automation.

WEISUN seizes market opportunities by offering higher integration and diverse options, cementing its position as a technological leader in precision drying equipment.