The COVID-19 pandemic has catalyzed the global rise of the "Lights-Out Factory" model, with various industries moving towards unmanned production through the use of Lights-Out Factories.

Recently honored with the "Yuanshan National Quality Award" and the "Top 100 Managers MVP Award," WEISUN Industrial, led by General Manager Chen Wen-Han, has not only received numerous national awards but also demonstrated remarkable performance as one of the exemplary companies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the pandemic's impact on Taiwan, the company has managed to increase its workforce by 30%, expanding from just over 50 employees to more than 70. Furthermore, the proportion of research and development staff has risen to nearly 40%.

Following participation in the Automation Show and TPCA Circuit Board Exhibition, WEISUN is set to unveil a precision automated baking device developed specifically for the semiconductor industry at the International Semiconductor Exhibition. This equipment is designed to cater to the demands of 5G and smart manufacturing, featuring cloud-based data upload capabilities, integration with AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles), EFEM wafer handling systems, and a focus on custom high-end ovens. The objective is to provide a more even temperature distribution while reducing board warping, aligning with the trends of higher-density circuit boards and more refined frequencies.

General Manager Chen Wen-Han emphasizes that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the global rise of "Lights-Out Factory" models, prompting industries worldwide to shift towards unmanned production using these setups. In response to this trend, WEISUN has continually developed various precision automated drying devices to expand their product applications. These include the semiconductor, circuit board, optoelectronics, electronic communication, printing, optoelectronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and academic research fields. WEISUN is committed to promoting unmanned drying equipment and automated ovens, along with precision hot air convection ovens, dust-free and oxygen-free precision ovens, high-temperature sintering furnaces, automated conveying drying equipment, UV/IR conveyor drying machines, and programmable constant temperature and humidity test equipment, among others.

Chen Wen-Han further states that in the face of 5G's high-density, high-frequency applications, and the gradual rise of SECS/GEM (Semiconductor Equipment Communication Standards/Interface) standards, equipment suppliers are under increasing pressure to enhance quality and offer solutions accordingly. Therefore, WEISUN will focus on integrating ovens and conveying equipment, enhancing drying equipment and specialized process heating, UV, IR, and breaking free from the traditional single-product mindset, transitioning to an advanced equipment provider offering comprehensive solutions.