「Quality is the key to sustainable business!」

 The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the "Lights-Out Factory" trend, and Weisun Industrial Co., Ltd., under the proactive leadership of Chen Wen-Han, has been actively developing the required automation drying equipment. Their ovens are equipped with data upload and cloud connectivity features, along with the integration of AGV (unmanned automated guided vehicles) and EFEM wafer handling systems, to manufacture high-level automation equipment for the industry. Their existing equipment includes precision hot air circulation ovens, dust-free and oxygen-free precision ovens, high-temperature sintering furnaces, automated conveying and drying equipment, UV/IR conveyor dryers, programmable vacuum/pressure ovens, and more, all of which have seen developments in the field of automation.

"Quality is the key to sustainable business!" With a focus on meeting the demands of major electronics manufacturers for unmanned and automated drying equipment, Weisun Industrial Co., Ltd. has won orders from many well-known companies, including Xinxing Electronics (3037), Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (3711), and many other publicly traded companies. These companies have chosen to purchase WEISUN's automated drying equipment.

Chen Wen-Han emphasized that, with the advent of 5G and high-density, high-frequency applications, and the increasing demand for energy efficiency and power savings due to Apple's terminal communication product requirements, as well as the gradual trend of SECS/GEM (Semiconductor Equipment Communication Standard/Generic Equipment Model) adoption, ovens need to accelerate their functional and quality enhancements.

In response to the "Lights-Out Factory" trend, WEISUN has recruited top talents in communication and electromechanical integration in recent years. They have been working on remote-controlled "cloud equipment" to ensure the automatic operation of ovens when operators cannot access the production line.

Chen Wen-Han stated that, in order to tap into the international market, they have actively applied for international quality certifications, including UL (Underwriters Laboratories) in the United States and CE MARK in the European Union. Some of their popular ovens are currently in the certification application process, and in 2022, they will target popular models with international demand to provide accurate production and supply. He emphasized that in 2022, they will continue to expand into new markets, extending their focus from existing industries such as semiconductors, electrical appliances, optoelectronics, electronic communications, printing, chemical, pharmaceuticals, food, and academic research institutions to areas like automotive electronics and biotechnology.

To achieve the goal of doubling revenue in the next five years, WEISUN Industrial Co., Ltd. will focus on integrating ovens and handling equipment, enhancing drying equipment, special process heating, UV, IR, and breaking free from the previous single-product mindset. They aim to transform into an international baking equipment professional manufacturer providing comprehensive solutions.

Chen Wen-Han pointed out that WEISUN will participate in the "Taiwan International Automation Industry Exhibition" from August 24 to 27 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, the "Semiconductor Exhibition" from September 14 to 16, and the "Taiwan PCB Exhibition" from October 26 to 28. What's different from previous years is that they will showcase "complete equipment" instead of standalone machines. Additionally, they will present full software applications. As a result, the exhibition booths and scale at the Automation Exhibition and PCB Exhibition will be larger than in the previous year.