Maintenance Process

  • STEP 1The sales person receives the feedback from the customer, and the business personnel can directly confirm the reply and deal with it directly.
  • STEP 2If the sales person cannot handle the matter directly, they will judge the responsibility and request the assistance of relevant units.
  • STEP 3For technical problems, technicians can directly confirm the situation with customers by phone or video, and clarify quickly and effectively the problems.(If necessary, use video to directly guide customers to use the instrument to measure the line or test the network connection to confirm abnormal problems.)
  • STEP 4After clarifying the problem, the sales person will provide the quotation as soon as possible in accordance with the customer's needs.
  • STEP 5During the processing procedure, we do our best to provide necessary technical exchanges including the sharing of preventive countermeasures and rapid treatment plans.

Sales person response process

  • STEP 1Customer Feedback
  • STEP 2Business staff reply processing
  • STEP 3Case completed

Technician assistance process

  • STEP 1Customer Feedback
  • STEP 2Sales person transfer to technical staff for assistance
  • STEP 3Learn more about the situation and clarify customer problems
  • STEP 4Problems
  • STEP 5Fast response
  • STEP 6Case completed